Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar's New Look and New Development

( Temporary Shed Sponsored By  a Buddhist Family  Thiru. Sanjiva M.A. and Mrs. Mangalakshmi Sanjiva M.SC, New Delhi )

( Electricity Facilities  to Vihar Premises ( Both materials and Connection Charges) and May month Buddha Jayanthi as well as Vishaka Full Moon day Celebration expenses  Sponsored by : .A Buddhist follower and Writer Thiru. P.I. Arasu, Toronto, Canada  )

With their Support and Dana, Now Buddha Dhamma Followers can do meditation without any hindrances. In the History of Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar, we always remember your contribution and we will always place Donors name in our foundation stone.  We expect the support to extend our Buddha Dhamma Activities to the native of Buddhism.


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