Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar - October 2015

Namo Buddhaya. After erected Sakyamuni Buddha Statue at the Campus of Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar campus during 2013 and from the day on wards Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar creating Buddhist Identity   in its campus. For example Holy Dhamma Hills, Planting Bodhi tree, Pancha sheel Flag and organizing  Ananda Buddha Dhamma Followers Association  for men and Sangamithra Buddha Dhamma Followers Association for Women and also Sakyamuni Children sangam. Every day there is a few visitor for visiting the Buddha Vihar and especially during the full moon day community meet  we can expect more than fifty and this strength will surely increase in near future. In order to understand the need of Buddha Dhamma Followers we are creating small small facility around the Campus. " We expect financial help from the Philanthropist and well wishers who wish to do support to Buddha Dhamma".

Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar's News Look

Beautiful Green Holy Dhamma Hills 

Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar Welcome Board  : Invites You All


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Visit to Anandhur Sammandha vayal Buddha Vihar, Thiruvadanai Block, Ramanathapuram District.