Buddhist Temple in Kaveripattinam

Buddhist Temple in Kaveripattinam

Buddhist Temple in Kaveripattinam was constructed during the period of 3rd century. Archeological excavations carried out at Kaveripattinam revealed the existence of remnants of Buddhist Vihara. Remnants like Buddhapada, nine cells in a row, miniature image of Buddha was found at the excavation site “Pallavaneswaram” of Kaveripattinam.
History of Buddhist Temple in Kaveripattinam:The remnants of Buddhist Vihara found in Kaveripattinam belong to third-fourth century CE and are similar to that of Nagarjunakonda. An ancient miniature bronze Buddha image of 5th fifth century CE was also found at the Buddhist Temple of Kaveripattinam. History of Buddhist Temple in Kaveripattinam starts from the way back to sixth century CE. Archeologists found that the constructions of Buddhist Vihara were delayed in the fifth century CE due to the incursion of the sea on to Kaveripattinam area.
Temple’s Full Address: Kaveripattinam Temple, Kaveripattinam Panchayat, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu. 
How to reach Buddhist Temple in KaveripattinamBy Bus: Buddhist Temple in Kaveripattinam is well connected by road from all places in Tamil Nadu State.
By Railways: Nearest railway station is Palacode, which is 21km away from Kaveripattinam. Buddhist Temple in Kaveripattinam can be reached by private taxis, buses available from Palacode Railway Station.
By Flight: The nearest airport is Bangalore Airport which is 102km away from Kaveripattinam. From here Buddhist temple can be accessed by bus and taxi services.


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