Padaiveedu Renugmbal is a Buddhist Women : Re Writing History

Padaieedu Renugmbal is a Buddhist Women : 

Re Writing History

My mother's marriage ceremony held at Padaiveedu Renugambal Temple in the year on 1968. From 1968 to 1995, my family goddess  was Padaiveedu Renugambal only.  During my childhood to Higher education whatever family function, the programme will end up only in Renegambal temple. During my MSW studies, I keep asking stories of Padaiveedu Renugambal Temple. With her social knowledge my amma descibe the story her own way of style, everybody in the world accept that the mother is a good teacher to their loving children. My college teacher in the sociology literature said that society and societal process is always content. I have an strong doubt if it is content whatever my mother said to existing content only.  Reading Dr.Ambedkar's Who were Shudras, Karl Marx theory on Land Labour Capital, and State, and other Philosophy clearly against for the content. With this theoritical background, once again I came and ask my mother to tell the Padaiveed temple story again she is described again, without any hesitation ..,

   once upon a time there was a muni or rishi lived in the forest with his family. his wife name Renuka Devi and His son name  is Parasuraman. they lived happily. the duty of the muni is to meditate and the duty of his wife is take care of the home and his son has to assist the father and mother.   Everyday early morning the RenukaDevi has to go to the river, if she touched the mud of the river immidieatly the well designed pot will appeared this is happend because of  her purity in womanhood. In that magic pot she will bring the water for drinking and cooking purpose. Days were gone, one fine morning she went to river, that day she is very late, by the time the sun is already in the sky, while seeing the beauty of the sun shade in the river, she is loved the beauty of sun god, she was inspired to see his beauty again and again.


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