January Full Moon Day Celebrated at Ananda Buddha Vihar

Ramanathapuram District. Thiruvadanai Taluk, RS Mangalam Block, Ayangudi Panchayat, Near Suthamalli village, a small hamlet called Sammanthavayal. Sammanthavayal holds 1500 years of history because of  unearthed ageold Buddha Statue. The day Buddha statue was identified Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar is started to organise Buddha Vandhana Programme in Every full moon from 2015 onwards. This year 2017, January and Pongal celebration we group of volunteers from sakyamuni Buddha Vihar cleaned Buddha statue and distribute Buddha Calender 2017 and Buddha Pictures to near by villages. ( Please contact : 8220870548)


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Visit to Anandhur Sammandha vayal Buddha Vihar, Thiruvadanai Block, Ramanathapuram District.