Seasonal Greetings and Wish You Happy New Year 2017

Dear Respected and Friends of World Buddha Dhamma and Sangha, 

Greetings and Wish You happy New Year - 2017. 
( Prayer Hall, Sakyamuni Buddha Meditation Centre at Rajagraham, Jolarpettai, Vellore District)
Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar is a Religious Charitable Organisation established in a a rural village in Tiruvannamalai District, North Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu, South India, India from 2013.  Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar is  now dedicated for the welfare and happiness of people irrespective religion, race, colour or sex. Since its very inception the vihar has been actively engaged in rendering various spiritual and humanitarian services. 

( Golden Buddha Statue (1906), South Indian Sakya Buddhist Society, Temple, 
Tiruppattur, Vellore District)
The Vihar has planned to establish monasteries for monks and upasakas the vihar has expanded its activities different parts of Tamil Nadu and National level with the message of love and compassion. 

( Professor and Great Sanskrit Scholar Raji Ramanan with Dr.M.Velusamy)
The Vihar has planned to establish monasteries for monks and nuns, hospitals,meditation centers, schools, hostels, old age home, charity programs and plan to publish Dhamma books benefiting thousand of people (both in Tamil and English language.  Regular Dhamma teaching and training programs are conducted on week ends and conduct study programs related Buddhist studies with the help of National International Universities.

Please support our Activities in any kind to spread Buddha Dhamma Sangha in its original soil.

May All Beings Be Happy Namo Buddhaya. 


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